Brief Instructions to SAAS

How to use the organiser view

When you've logged in, you'll be able to see all the events you manage. Click on the name of the event and you'll be able to tinker anything you need to. I'll run you through the main ones you'll need - you'll find these along the top row of the event screen:

Overview: This is where you can see your main event dashboard, including reports and access to the signup page. On the whole, this page acts as a general glance at your event.

On the left hand side of the overview screen, you'll see a link called "Signup Page" - this will show you the public facing side that entrant's will see.

Event Details: Here is where you can edit the date, name and registration closing date. You also have the additional options under this section where you can add a password to the event so no one can access the event unless they have this, age calculation option, and you can turn VAT receipt on as well. You can also view the event fees under this section as well.

Event Info: Here is where you can edit the text that can be seen on the event page which the entrants will see, you can also edit the post-reg emails they will receive. Under this section you can also edit the theme and images on the event and upload any files you would like.

Tickets: This is where you can edit the tickets/add more by teams or individual tickets.

Entries: This is where you'll find all entrant details. You can use the entrant search to search by name, race number or email address which can be really useful when dealing with specific customer queries. You can access all details relating to an entrant including address, sponsorship amounts, t-shirt sizes etc here.

Number Pools: You can set up numbers for the entrants here if you require numbers for them, you can set them up by ticket or just in general.

Fundraising: This is where you can see the sponsorship options and the leaderboard options for the sponsorship pages, you can also add the charity(ies) for the event. There is an option to make changes for the offline donations as well and easy ways to contact entrants about the sponsorship pages.

Teams/Groups: This is where you can view the teams on the event if a team ticket was set up or a group can be created using individual entries.

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