How do I customise my Sponsorship Page

Customising your SportsGiving page allows you to tell people your story, what your fundraising target is, personalise thank you messages and an option to add a photo. This is also where you can log offline donations so that they are added to your total. 

Finding your SportsGiving page

The fastest way to get access to your SportsGiving page is to check your email inbox. Look for an email with the subject line "Your online Sponsorship page is ready for EVENT NAME". Inside this email, you'll find a link to edit your SportsGiving page. Click this and you'll be able to make some changes:

If you have deleted or can't find your SportsGiving email, see the instructions below for another way to find your fundraising page.

Editing your SportsGiving page

You can make the following changes to your fundraising page:

Your story - Tell us a little about yourself and why you're taking part in this event

Your Target - if you are looking to raise a specific amount you can pop it in the box and it will be displayed on your sponsorship page

Offline Donations - If you’re also raised money offline you can add figures of any funds raised here, this will then be added to your fundraising total

Your Photo - Click on choose file, Select a photo, Click Save your photo

Customise your thank you message - you can tick this box to personalise and send thank you messages to anyone who sponsorships you 

When you are happy with your page click the ‘ Update your Profile ‘button and your SportsGiving page will be updated immediately.

And remember you can also share your page on social media, see "Share this page" option on right side of your sponsorship page.

Finding your SportsGiving page through your MyRaceNation account

If you have accidentally deleted your SportsGiving email, you can still find your page by logging into your MyRaceNation account.

Head to and enter your login details.

When you have logged in, you will see a list of your events under My Events

Select the Sponsorship info button on the required event                                        

You can now either  View or  Customise your Sponsorship page here

Click on Customise Sponsorship Page and this will open your “Your Sports Giving profile” page where you can scroll down to the relevant section and add the desired text.

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