Our charges

Race Nation operate a very simple pricing policy.

There are two parts to our fees. A fixed fee per entrant, and an online transaction fee

Our standard rates are £1 per entrant, and 5% of the online transaction (which includes card charges etc). (There are no additional charges for Mail Chimp integration, SMS, postcode anywhere or any of our premium features). 

So if a person enters a race which has a ticket price of £25, they pay a surcharge which you set and call "Admin fee" of £2.50, purchase a hoodie for £20 and an iTaB for £8, the total value of the transaction would be £55.50. Our charges would be the fixed fee of £1 and 5% of the £55.50, totalling £3.76.

If you enter a person manually through our platform as they may have paid offline, then we do not charge the online transaction fee.

For a more in-depth explanation on how to set entry prices and surcharges, please see the related article below.

Entry Fees and Surcharges

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