How do I approve or reject an entrant’s results submission?

In order to manage your entrants’ results submissions, you will need to head to Results on your event dashboard along the left hand side menu. From here, you will be able to see your entrants’ result submissions organised under 3 tabs: Pending, Approved and Rejected.
You can manage pending results by approving or rejecting them and attaching an optional short message to each result. An email will be sent to the entrant along with an email notifying them of their result status changing, and the optional message will be included if entered.
Results submitted via RaceNation Timing, Strava, or manually can also be moved from a Rejected or Accepted state back into Pending.
Please note: results obtained from scanning are automatically approved and cannot be moved out of this state.

Below the results listings is  Results/Leaderboard Settings. Here, you can select which modes of submission you accept results from and manage whether entrants can resubmit their result when their status is pending, approved, or rejected. 
You can also enter a deadline for results submission or instruct the results system to automatically approve results, skipping the need for manual approval.

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