How to find an event or entrant on the RaceNation App

Click here to Download the RaceNation App if you have not already done so.

Click here to log into your MyRaceNation account and if you have never logged in before click here for instructions, or if you don’t remember your MyRaceNation password click Forgotten Password to reset it. 

Please note: You must use the email address that you used to sign up to the event. 

Click on the Search icon and you can search by event name or a location.

Load your events 

When you have successfully logged in, you will see all the events you have entries in but remember this will only display events that have opted to be displayed on the RaceNation App. 

Click on the event you wish to view/edit your entry on or if you wish to search for an event click on the Search icon and you can search by event name or location (only events using the RaceNation App will be displayed).


                Click on the All Entrants icon 










Search for an entrant by name and click on the name




This will display the entrants details and here friends and family can: 

  • Message you 
  • Follow/Unfollow you 
  • Donate to your page SportsGiving fundraising page

Please note if the entrant has selected to activate their Friend code you will be asked to Enter their Friend code when you select to Message or Follow the entrant. Just enter the code and click Enter

If you do not have the code you will need to contact the entrant as this is a private code to allow entrants to only share with those people that they wish to be followed them.  

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