How to Submit Results Through Strava - App

To download the RaceNation App click here

You will need to use your MyRaceNation account login.

If you have not logged in/claimed your MyRaceNation account before please click here

Please note: You must use the email address that you used to sign up to the event.    


When you have successfully logged in, you will see all the events you have entries in. But remember, this will only display events that have opted to be displayed on the RaceNation App. 

Click on the event you wish to view/edit your entry on and scroll down to the bottom of the Event Information screen


Click on the Submit Result with Strava this will ask you to Open Link, click OK

You will need to use your MyRaceNation login details (the same details you have just used to login to the App). 


Once logged in you will see three options, Starting Timing, Submit with Strava and Submit Manually.

Click on Submit with Strava. If you have not connected your Strava account before you will need to click on Connect with Strava and this will then take you to the Strava login page, here you can login through Facebook, Google, Apple or with your email depending on how you normally login. 

If you do not have an account you will be able to sign up for a Strava account as well.

It will ask you to authorise RaceNation to connect to Strava. Click Authorize to allow your activities to be uploaded to RaceNation.  


Once you have completed these steps you will see the screen displayed on the left, here you can select the relevant activity(ies) from your Strava account (please note it will only display the activities that have taken place between the start date and finish date on the event). 

If the Event Organiser has allowed entrants to submit multiple activities, you will be able to input them all here.

You can view the individual distance on the activities you have uploaded. Click on View Selected Activities and it will break each activity down by distance and time.

You can view the submission overview which displays the total distance and duration for your activity(ies) which is what the Event Organiser will see. 


By scrolling down further you will see a Store Result button. Once you are happy with the Strava Activity(ies) you have selected click on this button and it will send your result through to the Event Organiser.

Please Note: A message will appear if the Strava Services are at a maximum capacity. You will need to try again later by refreshing/returning to the page. If you continue to experience this after 30minutes please contact


After clicking Store Result, it will take you to the display shown on the left. If the Event Organiser has enabled ‘Approve all results’ this will automatically show the status as  Approved on your result. If they have not enabled this it will display as Pending until the Event Organiser approves/rejects it.

The Event Organiser will either Approve or Reject any pending results which you will receive an email confirming which option they have selected and possibly a message alongside if the Event Organiser has added one.

Once a result is approved it will automatically be added to the Results Leaderboard created for the event. The leaderboard can be viewed by Gender, Team, Affiliated Club and Ticket if you wish to only view certain entrants who have also submitted results. 

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