What is Refund Protect

We want entrants to have the confidence in the event they can not take part in an event due to injury, military call up, jury services and much more, that they could receive a 100% refund. We have therefore teamed up with Refund Protect to offer refund protect policies as an optional purchase on RaceNation. 

Refund Protect is a facility which provides Entrants with the ability to protect their own booking for a small extra fee in order to provide a full refund if they can not take part in due to any reason defined in the policy.

This protection covers, but is not limited to the below: 

  • Sickness, accident, or injury
  •  Pre-existing medical condition
  •  Immediate relative sickness
  •  Home emergency
  •  Public transport failure
  •  Private vehicle failure
  •  Emergency services recall
  •  And many more!

To see everything protected under the policy please click here.

Refund Protect is not event cancellation cover and unfortunately will not cover you for covid-19. If an event gets cancelled by the event organiser, this cover will not enable you to a refund.

The good news is that in the event of a new date being given, your policy will transfer with you and cover you for attendance at this new date. If you can no longer attend the new event date due to reasons covered under the policy, then again you will be entitled to apply for a refund via the policy. 

To apply for a refund under Refund Protect click here 

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