Creating or Joining a Group

How to create or join an existing Group

Once you are at 'Checkout' and have entered all relevant details on the registration, at the bottom of the page you will find a second section named 'Join a Group' (see below).

Join a Group

Step 1 - If you are aware of the Group you wish to join, simply type the group name into the 'Join an existing group' box, the existing group will appear in a dropdown. (If the Group does not appear, please see 'Create a New Group' below)

Step 2 - Once you see your desired Group, click Join. The Group in question will then display under the box titled 'Groups I've joined'.

Please Note: If the Group is a 'Secure Group' you will be asked for a password. You can obtain this from the Group's 'Admin' (i.e the individual who created the Group)

Create a New Group

Step 1 - To create a new group enter your desired Group name in the 'Create A New Group' box. 

Step 2 - Please see the multiple types of Group listed below -

  • Public - Public allows entrants to select to join the group when they are registering in an event
  • Secure - You will be asked for a password which other entrants would need to join this group
  • Private - It will not be visible to the public and will not appear as an option on the registration page. Invitation only through the Captain's MyRaceNation account.

When you have select the Group type click Submit.  

The Group you have created will then display under ' Groups I've joined'. 

Complete Registration

To complete the registration, click Submit and this will take you to the billing information and payment page.


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