Charity Admin Panel access

If you are an Event Organiser and also the charity you can access the charity admin panel when you are logged into the RaceNation platform.
  1. Click here to login
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the Organisation name on the top right-hand corner of the screen 
  3. Select My Organisations from the dropdown list
  4. Click Go to <charity name> admin panel
  5. You will be taken to the charity account and will be able to navigate through the different menus displayed down the left hand side i.e. Profile, Overview and much more. The Reports menu has a number of different reports to help you understand funds raised, see events that have and are currently raising funds.

Some of the most common reports are:

  • Donor Report - This report is for you to see every donation made per Event, Organisation and/or date range. The report also provides financial data that may be used for reconciliation and reporting. Please note, each donor has chosen a marketing opt in or out status. You must not contact them for marketing purposes, unless the donor has given explicit consent by opting in.
  • Events Report - this report will let you see which events have chosen to raise funds for you, display fundraising totals
  • Gift Aid Report - this report is pre-prepared for HMRC submission and the first eight columns can be copied directly into HMRC's claim submission form

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