How to Scan entrants using the RaceNation App

In order to download the RaceNation App click here

You will need to use your RaceNation Organiser account login.  


Once you have successfully logged in, you will see all the events you have under your Organisation.
(Please note that, this will only display events that you have opted to be displayed on the RaceNation App.)

Click on the event you wish to view/edit, then click on the  Manage Event button.


Once you have clicked on Manage Event you will find a different set of options along the bottom of your screen, click on the QR code option second from the left. 

You will then have the screen shown to the left display. At this point you can only scan an entrant to view their ICE information or Withdraw them.
To scan an entrant into a checkpoint you will need to click on Select Checkpoint at the top of the screen. 


All checkpoints will then be displayed, showing the total number of entrants who have been scanned into each individual checkpoint. (Please ensure that you are selecting the correct checkpoint. If the checkpoint is incorrect, you will need to login into a web browser and correct this)

Once the relevant checkpoint is selected you will be taken back to 

the image in the previous screenshot and it will display the checkpoint at the top so you can double check it is the correct one.

When you scan an entrant's QR code it will pop up with the option to view their ICE details, Check in or Withdraw them. Once you select the relevant option they will be scanned/withdrawn at that checkpoint. 

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