How to access your scanning checkpoint

Once the Event Organiser has given you access as a Scanning user, Checkpoint Manager, or Event Manager, you will receive either one or two emails. 

If you do not have a RaceNation account you will receive an email "RaceNation Registration - Claim Account Here", just click Accept Invitation and then enter your email address and create a password.

You will also (or only) receive an email titled "Invitation to Event Control ...." inviting you to manage the event, just click on Access Event Control and log in. When you accept the invitation just login to the Checkpoint Control Platform.

For future logins you can use this to access the Checkpoint Control Platform click the green 'Scanning' button. Please note, this button will only appear for events that you have a User level assigned to you.

Scanning user -  As a scanning user, you can see your primary checkpoint with the option Scan. You will also be able to select the option View All Checkpoints and scan to them if required. 

Checkpoint Manager - As a  checkpoint manager you will be able to see your primary checkpoint with the options, Scan, Overview and Closing. You will also be able to View All Checkpoints and be able to manage them if required.

Event Manager -  As an event manager you will not have a primary checkpoint but you will have a list of all the checkpoints with the options Scan, Overview and Closing.

For instructions on how to scan an entrant please click here

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