Your event in your branding; a complete white-labelled solution

RaceNation allows you to add a number of images to your event and fundraising pages to tie in with your brand or website.

Just select the event you wish to update, Click on Entry Info, then Images. See below the different images that you can load including the dimensions.


Customise the favicon that appears in your entrant's browser address bar when they visit your event or organisation. By default, this will use the RaceNation logo. Please provide an image (.png format), that is no larger than 180x180px.


The wide image banner seen on registration pages. Ideal dimensions 1000x350px. The minimum is 900x100px, and being no larger than 1000x350px.

Social Logo: 

Should appear against the post when your race is linked on Facebook. Focal point of the image should be central as Facebook will show the image in a number of different sizes. It often achieves this by cropping (cutting the image down from the edges). Ideal dimensions 1200px width by 630px height. or a ratio of this (eg. 600px by 315px). If you don’t provide an image here, we will use the RaceNation logo.

Square Image
Appears in the right sidebar under contact info (only if uploaded).

Minimum dimensions 50x50px, maximum 1280x1000px width/height.

Sponsorship Page Banner:

The Banner on sponsorship and donation pages, it is a bit smaller. Ideal dimensions 603px width by 109px height. The minimum is 200x40px height, and being no larger than 1000x350px.

Sponsorship Social Logo: 

Works the same as Social logo, except it will only be used on sponsorship and donation pages should be no smaller than 50x50px. If you don’t provide an image here, we will use the RaceNation logo.

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