How to activate transfers

Transfers are set up at your Organisation level.

  1. Go to Organisation
  2. Click on Transfer centre menu and the Settings and Log tabs will be displayed
  3. Under the Settings tab Toggle the Allow transfers? you will be presented with a list of your events.
  4. You can now choose to enable the different settings for each event which are Transfer to new entrant by email, Transfer entrant to a new ticket, Transfer entrant to new event.
  5. Show Advanced Settings? allows Event Organisers to further customise the transfer options listed below:
  • You can enable transfers to be actioned by entrants from within their MyRaceNation or restrict it to organiser only actions
  • Ability to charge entrants a fee to transfer their place.
  • Ability to charge the difference in ticket price (for example if original entrant was on early bird ticket and transferred their place to a new entrant with the tickets now at standard price, you can choose to charge the difference in this ticket price).
  • Set a deadline date (mandatory field) for transfers in and out of the event to ensure no changes can be made after a specific date and time.
  • Choose specifically which tickets are available for transfer. i. If you didn't want affiliated tickets to be transferable you can turn this off at a ticket level, whilst other tickets can remain transferable.

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