How to invite members to your team

Invite members to your team

As the captain of a team you will have the facility to manage the team including inviting members.

  1. Once you have logged into your MyRaceNation account successfully click on View Entries
  2. Click on entry you would like to view
  3. Select Team Page
  4. All team members will be displayed here and the status "Open Space" means this is a free slot
  5. Click Edit Team 
  6. You’ll need to know the email addresses of the team members you want to invite which you then enter in the blank boxes and select Send Invite
  7. An email will be sent inviting them to join the team
  8. The Status/Actions will change to have 2 options Resend Invite/Revoke Invite but as soon as the person accepts the invite and completed their registration the status will change to Registered to Team

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