Create a standalone SportGiving fundraising page through SportsGiving/ MyRaceNation

Even if you aren't taking part in an event on the RaceNation platform, you are still able to create a SportsGiving fundraising page using the following instructions:

  1. Once you have created a MyRaceNation/ SportsGiving account following the instructions here, you are able to log in and set up a fundraising page by selecting Start Fundraising
  2. Here, you have the choice whether to Create a Fundraising Page or Create An Activity
  3. If you select Create a Fundraising Page, you have the option to create a fundraising page for a New Fundraising Activity;
  4. You will then have the option to fill out the name of the person(s)/group fundraising and name the activity being done to raise the funds
  5. You are then able to choose the charity you would like to raise funds for, your fundraising target and any offline donations you have received to date
  6. If the charity you wish to raise funds for is not currently on the RaceNation platform, you are able to Request a Charity by filling out a few details including your email address so we can let you know once you are able to raise funds for your chosen charity
  7. Once you have selected Enable this Fundraising Page and whether you'd like it to be available for a limited time frame, you can proceed to the Next Step and begin to customise your Layout & Theme;
  8. On the layout & theme page, you have 3 different layouts to choose from, the option to add your own banner and profile picture and the drop down at the top of the page allows you to customise the colours for your page. You can then proceed to the Header & Content;
  9. Here you can add a header to your Fundraising Page, whether you are raising funds in memory of somebody and some information about your fundraising activity and why. You are also able to create a custom email for anybody donating to your page to receive and choose whether you would like an email when somebody donates;
  10. The final step is for you to Preview. If there are any amendments you would like to make at this stage, you are able to go back by selecting the step you would like to return to at the top of the page, otherwise you are ready to Publish!
  11. Once you have published your page, you'll be able to view it and also make any amendments you would like by selecting My Fundraising Pages & Activities from the Home screen of your MyRaceNation account. 

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