My events are not listed when I log into MyRaceNation account

There are a couple of reason why this could be happening but the most common one are

  • You are signing into your MyRaceNation account with the different email address

When you registered for an event you will be asked for your email address and you will have received a confirmation email, this is the email address that you should be using.

To check your events, you must login to your MyRaceNation account with the email address that you used to register for the event. If you have used different email addresses for different events then you will only see the events that are linked to that particular email address.

If you think you have more than 1 email address registered with us and would like to merge them, please let us know your preferred email address. When we have merged them we will send you an email confirming this has been done.

  • If your event has passed you will find this under Past events

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