I cannot see the payment screen

If you are you taken through to the payment screen when clicking "Checkout" this is normally because one of the registration fields is missing information. For example, you may have entered the incorrect date of birth for a certain ticket type or not agreed to the terms and conditions of the event.

Scroll back through the registration screen and complete any fields that are highlighted in red. You should now be able to continue with the payment. 

However, should you still have a problem, contact us. This form sends us some additional information on the web browser you are using which will help us troubleshoot your issue. Please include as much information about your issue as you can. We love screenshots showing the problem as they allow us to sort out the issue a lot faster.

We have found that issues can sometimes occur when using a computer that is on a more restricted network environment. If you are unable to pay on your work computer (for example), it may be because your employer's network security is blocking the payment. If you think this might be the case, your best bet is to try a different device, such as your smartphone.

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