Cancelling an entrant (Event Organiser instructions only)

Please note refunds can only be authorised by the Event Organiser and not by RaceNation.

How to cancel an entrant

  1. In order to make any changes to your event or entrants you must log into your Organiser’s account by clicking here
  2. Then go to your event and select Entries item
  3. Enter the entrant name in the Search for an Entry
  4. Click on the Entry to open their order
  5. Click on Entry Details menu
  6. Scroll down and on left hand panel you will see Cancel Entry (in red)
  7. Select Cancel Entry and you will be taken to the Withdraw Entrant menu where you can click on Cancel Entrant (you can also select to Release the entrant's number here if you want)
  8. You will get a final message Please confirm "Are you sure you wish to cancel the entrant
  9. Once the Entrant is cancelled they will no longer appear on the Entries menu or on the entrant's reports unless you have toggled the Include withdrawn/cancelled/deferred 

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